If your life was a garden what would it look like? Will it be as beautiful and peaceful as the Garden in Genesis?

God often speaks to us through nature and especially in the Bible. What if your garden should represent the actual garden? Would you have the honor of entering the actual garden with regards to the way your garden looks today?

Are you planting seeds and watering them, making sure that each and everything in that garden is being attended to?

Let’s say every good deed and word you speak is a seed being planted and spending time with God and doing His will is the water for your garden and the life. With that being said, every bad deed and word you speak causes famine in the garden. So, I ask you, what does your garden look like?

Will it be a garden where people can come and rest, admire the beautiful work you have done, or will it be a garden that is dead?

In this series we are going to get our gardens into shape. Turn it into a godly garden that will please God and at the same time inspire others to do the same. Join me as we take this journey together seeking God and really dedicating our lives to worshipping God.

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