The call to the bride

Since I can remember I’ve had visions of the perfect bride, beautiful gown, hair and makeup. I’ve always had this fascination with weddings and I never really understood why. Recently I discovered something amazing about myself through the Word of God or people telling me.

I realized why I’ve always been drawn to weddings and the perfect attire for it, because God had a plan. He wanted me to do something that would change the way people look at the bride. When I started Pearl Drop Moments I thought it was to start a wedding company, in a way it was but not in the way I thought it would be. You see God wants His first love to come back, He wants His bride to be clean and ready for her bridegroom.

On 22 August 2017 I had a vision where it was really dark around me and when I looked up I saw doves on fire and as they came down they touched the people walking in the streets.

The people then became on fire, after I saw that the following words came up to me: “The time has come for My people to go out and to do what they are called for! I’m sending out My Spirit to start a fire that can never be blissed! The holy Spirit will move like never before, people will be changed and become the light of this dark world! Go My children and be the light, be MY light and touch other people so that their hearts can catch fire!

Pearl Drop Moments represent something that is beyond this world, our lives are just a moment. We are all precious pearls in the Father’s hands, and He drops us into life where we have a choice to either follow and obey Him or choose the world. It is time that we act like the precious pearls we are. To shine where God has placed us and to represent the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords. Are you ready to step into your destiny as a daughter of the Great I Am? Are you ready to pick up your crown AND your cross?

Photo taken by Zetta Kotze from Playground Studios